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About Us

Tate and Tonbridge Fencing was formed in April 2019, from the amalgamation of the installation division of ‘Tate Fencing Ltd’ and ‘Tonbridge Fencing Ltd’.

The ownership, directorship and management have not changed and will remain as it was before.

The purpose is to establish one stand-alone company that can continue to grow on the reputation of two very well established and respected businesses, that had for several years now been working alongside one another whilst aligning their business practices but were having to do so from within two separate legal entities. By amalgamating the two businesses, the management, labour and resources can now move freely making it more efficient.

Moving forward, this unification will also provide for better stability, customer service and performance in an ever increasing and demanding future.

Together as Tate and Tonbridge Fencing, we continue to serve our domestic/residential customers from our Frant depot near Tunbridge Wells, and serve our commercial customers from our Hadlow depot near Tonbridge. We continue to apply the same methodology which built Tate Fencing to be a customer orientated business across both sectors, whilst applying the efficiencies of a commercial company within that.

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