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Half Round Framed Diamond Trellis

The half round framed diamond trellis is a trellis panel offering a more rustic finish. Supplied within a full frame this provides a strong square edge border for fitting to square posts and the half round rails within.

Available at 3’.0”, 4’.0”, 5’.0” or 6’.0” high all by 6’.0” wide.

Nonstandard heights and widths available at request.

Contact us today to enquire about this product or to request a quotation.

  • half-round-framed-trellis-panels-kent-3
  • half-round-framed-trellis-panels-kent-4
  • half-round-framed-trellis-panels-kent-5
  • half-round-framed-trellis-panels-kent-1
  • half-round-framed-trellis-panels-kent-2

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