Hopton Trellis

Hopton trellis is available as single sided or double sided.

Single sided Hopton trellis is made from machine half round rails creating a very smart trellis panel but giving it a more rustic appearance. Fixed together with the flat edge of the half round rail on top of the other half round rail. This means the single sided trellis panel is designed to be placed one way round and viewed from one side only.

Double sided Hopton trellis  is made from machine half round rail but with the flat face of the rail on to flat edge of the other half round rail. This creates a trellis panel which can be placed in the centre of your garden, and viewed from both sides. Perfect for growing plants up but also suitable for many other tasks such as a screen, single garden feature or fence run.

Hopton trellis is available at 1’.0”, 2’.0”, 3’.0”, 4’.0”, 5’.0” or 6’.0” high all by 6’.0” wide

Nonstandard heights and widths available at request.

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